Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 6, 2012

Who is Key Yessaad and Why Should I listen to him?

Real Estate Internet Marketing and SEO are topics that cause anxiety at times with many Real Estate Professionals. This type of anxiety has been manipulated by many charlatans and even some vendors to take advantage of those for whom this is a dense topic; yet many Realtors cannot fathom working with their clients without the ability to offer them a Web Platform for Searching properties, asking questions, and interacting with Listings and Videos.

In this video I share a quick glance of who I am and remind colleagues that I am an Internet Strategist focused on creating an interdependent core or Real Estate Brokers and Agents who master the Internet to serve their clients the most effective way! (short link to post)



The Workshop, Video SEO Marketing, was designed to empower Real Estate Professionals to take responsibility for their Marketing; but many of those who understand the importance of Video Marketing and SEO have never been schooled by experts in these important ideas. Video Marketing is connected to Marketing much like Blogging is connected to VBlogging – so what must Real Estate Professionals learn to master in order to make a difference in this important segment of Marketing.

The challenges most face have to do with:

1. Video Equipment and how to select the right tools.

2. Lighting and the tricks to control your environment to shoot crisper Videos.

3. Mastering Sound and integrating it properly in your delivery.

4. Framing and Staging of Video Shoots depending on your location.

5. Content and stories that are more compelling for Real Estate and Video.

6. Quick Video Editing as well the tricks of the Video trade on shot transitioning.

7. Sales Presentations and Listings using Videos for maximum Visibility.

8. SEO or Internet Presence for your content to be easily found and interacted with.

9. VBlogging to enhance your Blog Marketing in order to drive Inbound Marketing.

10. How to use Prospecting and Video Marketing to generate Listings.

This 2-Day Workshop was designed for those who wish to master the medium but have some reservation, and wish to jump in, but keeps in mind those who have gone past their shyness in front of the camera and wish to become true Video SEO Marketers. The expertise George Moura brings to Real Estate Cinematic Videography is truly unique.

Keep track of this blog and you will see future videos that spell out what you should expect to learn at the workshop, how the workshop was structured, who the workshop was designed for, the benefits of the course, the timeline, and the commitment George and I will bring to it. (Blog short Link:

PS: If you are a broker and wish to leverage the power of group pricing or exclusivity for your agency feel free to call me, Key Yessaad at (910) 538-6610.

Web Link: Key Yessaad Video SEO Trainer and Quick Intro in Website

Happy VBlooging :) – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Video SEO Trainer

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