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A Recap of Key’s Thoughts of the Day as of December 6

This first week of December, I have been discussing with you some important ideas involved in the 30-day Challenge.  Personal Management and Planning are two key components to becoming an effective Real Estate Agent.  If you cannot take responsibility for how you spend your time today, your future will not produce the results you desire. Taking responsibility involves performing daily Activities that will forward your plan, as well as not allowing yourself to get caught up in Crisis Management.  Real Estate is a tough business, so don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect- these skills take time to develop.  That’s why this is called a Challenge!  We have 3 more weeks to go, so don’t give up yet.  Start working towards effectiveness, and 2013 will have wonderful things in store for your business. 

Planning your Real Estate Business is a Creative Process

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As we march into December and start planning for 2013 you may want to have a better vision for what it means to Plan; Think of Planning as the reaching into the guts of the Future and bringing them forward to today; inspecting what you see; creating what you want; and then doing something about it today! You can choose to haphazardly walk into tomorrow satisfied with what each day may bring; or you may choose to claim your reality by painting the fut…

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Add Activities to your Business and Prospect Daily

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Ground your business around Activities and realize that we all face procrastination at some point. If you are sitting in your office spending hours rearranging your desk, and you do that too often, then you are not prospecting enough. Real Estate is about stirring the pot and causing conversations; and on those days when the phone is not ringing, leads are not flowing to your mailbox, maybe you put on your badge, grab lots of business cards, and start canvassing your nei…

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Success and Accomplishment is not about Perfection

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Stop driving yourself crazy – you cannot always finish all the items on your To-Do List… and that’s ok! For many the problem with Time Management is not the fact that they are not driven to accomplish, but their twisted desire to have a perfect record. This way of being leads to stress and needless agony. Say you have 10 items on today’s to-do list and you must accomplish all of them, and you know that they will take you 6 hours to do them all …

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Control is Driven by Objectives not Crisis Response

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What is the difference between an Objective and a Crisis? The simple answer is: Control! You can either let the circumstances of your life control your Objectives, which will cause you to be reactive; or create your own circumstances to be creative or Objective-driven. So let us say your objective is to get a book of listing business with 25+ Real Estate Properties; that goal is then crystal clear. You either have an effective way of Prospecting tha…

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Personal Management drives Time Management

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Think of a better description for the concept Time Management; what if a more accurate way of approaching Time was to approach Yourself, as in: Personal Management. Rearranging the seconds and minutes of time is not within our developed technology, but rearranging the self is within our control. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep you are making decisions about what you are going to do or not going to do, and the more clarity you bring to thi…

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Place your Contacts in your Sphere Database First – your Dec 30-day Challenge

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Your December 30-Day Challenge is about becoming an effective Real Estate Agent with your Sphere of Influence. One of the worst habits you can develop is to enter into a customer relationship using scraps of paper and never entering the person in your Sphere Database. Let me explain; as you grow your business you are going to need multiple databases but they do not all serve the same purpose; this post is not about all of the databases you should have but about your core…

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