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To train, inspire, and help Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. My name is Key Yessaad and I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy and Systems Implementation… I derived my focus based on the realization that tools abound but results are few and far between…

The synthesis of several years as the Business Manager, CFO, and Web Trainer of a Real Estate Company with 5 offices and over 100 agents give me insights on what works and the bad habits that haunt Realtors in their career. I have designed a series of Real Estate Training Seminars to bring back much needed professionalism in the field of Real Estate…

I am not known for talking agents into a Real Estate Career; in fact I find that some should be talked out it and the sooner the better… there is a hunger in the marketplace for Real Estate Professionals – those with the ethics, stamina, and commitment to help the community benefit from thoughtful Real Estate Growth.


“A Leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see,

and who sees before others do.” – Leroy Eims.

"Google forces you to take care of your clients - and I say that's a good thing" - Real Estate Web Strategy.

Real Estate Internet Strategy is exactly that – a Strategy… This means planning, long-term thinking, and a commitment to serve Real Estate Buyers and Sellers make the right decisions for themselves and their families… My name is Key Yessaad and I am a Real Estate Web Trainer and Strategist. I am dedicated to train, inspire, and coach Real Estate Professionals succeed online. Every Realtor understands the importance of a proper Real Estate Strategy but the right plan of action requires thoughtful preparation and implementation. The training seminars I offer address the necessary learning and delves into Plans of Action in the field of Real Estate Web Strategy, Real Estate Blogging Strategy, Real Estate Click Marketing, Real Estate SEO, and Real Estate Internet Marketing.

PS: I love what I do…

Read Brokers and Realtors Testimonials about Key Yessaad.

Note: Training Classes and Individual Coaching Sessions will be added in the near future… Real Estate Consulting and Coaching

Real Estate Web Trainer and Strategist

Real Estate Blogging Strategy

Real Estate Blogging Strategy

Can we officially declare Websites “dead”; well not quite; but they are no longer in the forefront of any thoughtful Real Estate Web Strategy that nurtures the needs of Real Estate Buyers and Sellers. This class was designed to help Brokers and Realtors understand this new paradigm shift and empower Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers to meet and interact in a new way…

Real Estate Web Strategy

Real Estate Web Strategy

Whether you plan to get a website, have a website, or feel overwhelmed with the whole endeavor – this class is for you… many of you have stagnant strategies that are not producing results… so what to do? I designed this course to go beyond the mere discussion of need to the design of a Real Estate Web Strategy that drives traffic and results. You will leave empowered and with a plan of action and a full-understanding of what is currently happening in the realm of Real Estate Websites.

Real Estate Click Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Click Marketing Success

Click Marketing or Pay per Click is an Art… in fact many Aggregators package this knowledge and charge you for capturing leads in your market… Real Estate Click marketing produces Results and your competition is making a mountain of mistakes… Bring this course to your agents and teach them to compete in this important Real Estate Arena…

Real Estate is about people

Real Estate Database Strategy

Successful Real Estate Professionals understand that the business of Real Estate is the Business of People – in other words The Referral Business. Unfortunately most Realtors are lost in a mountain of Data and don’t know how to use the tools of organization that actually produce results… Remember it is our job to stay in touch with our current and past clients… (NOT theirs…)


02.21.2009Topsail Island Real Estate Database Strategy Training

02.18.2009Why the Emphasis on Strategy? – Garner Real Estate Training.

02.16.2009Real Estate Social Networking Websites MUST learn from Activerain’s Announcement…

02.14.2009Garner Raleigh Real Estate Web Strategy Training Thursday Feb. 19th

02.14.2009Did he say Ctrl-K or “Control Key” – Charlotte Real Estate Training goes bang!!!

02.06.2009 – Charleston Real Estate Agents learn the power of Ctrl-K

02.05.2009Charlotte Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training Feb 12th

01.29.2009Charleston Real Estate Training: Web & Blogging Intensive Feb 4th

01.23.2009 – Exit Realtors from Columbia to Lexington SC gain an edge to compete Online – South Carolina Brokers facilitate Real Estate Web Strategy Training…

1.18.2009Real Estate Internet Strategy exceeds the design needs of your website

1.06.2009Exit Realtors in Charlotte Start year with a 6-hour Real Estate Web Strategy Training.

12.29.2008Blogging is about Google Visibility – if Google finds you your clients will too!!! Are your agents driving Organic Traffic to their websites? Are you creating the conditions for Visibility for Google? Is Google in your strategic long-term vision?

12.28.2008 – Charlotte Real Estate Web Strategy 1/6/2009. The Brokers of Exit Realty in Charlotte North Carolina, John Byers, Suzi Daugherty, and Mike Rash are bringing Key Yessaad to hold a special training on Real Estate Web Strategy.

12.23.2008Charleston SC Real Estate Broker helps Buyers with Market Segmentation. Jay Tracey of Exit Realty The Tracey Group launches multiple Search Pages with access to MLS Listings in the Greater Charleston Area.

12.19.2008Folly Beach Real Estate Agency launches extensive MLS Search. Exit Realty The Tracey Group commissioned Key Yessaad to transition them from a website they were locked out of to one they can manage on their own… The future success of Realtors and Brokers depends on their ability to integrate their content on an ongoing basis and to flow with the needs of their Real Estate Buyers and Sellers.

12.12.2008Beaufort SC Real Estate Agency holds extensive Web Strategy Seminar. Exit Realty of Beaufort, with the help and leadership of Shelia and Greg Bennett, held a Real Estate Web Strategy Training Seminar Thursday December 11th with a strong participation of their Realtors…

12.03.2008Columbia SC Real Estate Web Strategy 1/22/2008: The Brokers of Exit Realty in Columbia South Carolina, Ed Flowers, Brandon Liles, Joe Nester, Lowell Sloan, and Craig Summerall are bringing Key Yessaad to hold a special training on Real Estate Web Strategy January 22nd, 2009.

12.02.2008Beaufort SC Real Estate Web Strategy 12/11/2008: The Brokers of Exit Realty in Beaufort South Carolina, Shelia and Greg Bennett, are bringing Key Yessaad again to hold a special training Seminar on Real Estate Web Strategy.

11.21.2008 – Exit Realty of Beaufort, led by Shelia and Greg Bennett, held a Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training Seminar Thursday November 21st with a strong participation of their Real Estate Agents… The session, led by Key Yessaad, focused on the necessity of Beaufort Realtors to find a direct path of connection with their Buyers and Sellers in the Greater Beaufort area and how Blogging opens that path organically.

11.17.2008Exit Realty of Beaufort South Carolina will hold a Strategic Training for its Real Estate Professionals Thursday November 20th on the rapid changes occurring on the Internet and how Blogging has become crucial to the dissemination of relevant local information.

11.14.2008Real Estate Trainer Launches 4 Technology Seminars driven by Customer Demands… Key Yessaad, the Real Estate Trainer for Real Estate Web Trainer LLC, launches four (4) essential Seminars to enhance the career of Real Estate Professionals. The Training focuses on the crossroads of Web Technology, Business habits, and Plans of action that deliver results for both the Realtor to the benefit of Real Estate Consumers.

11.05.2008Real Estate Blogging is not just about information; It’s about human connection… The world of REALTORs dragging customers to Real Estate Websites is shifting; Websites now play a supporting role (and the Oscar for Best Supporting Website goes to…) – what happened? It’s a world of Social Networking and Focused Search… so how do you thread this needle – Blogging!!!

Greg Bennett - Exit Realty Beaufort SCEmail from Greg Bennett at Exit Realty Beaufort SC to Regional Owner: Incredible, barely describes the level of expertise of Key Yessaad.

I have personally met with web designers, programmers, IT gurus, etc. Their combined knowledge doesn’t even equal the holistic approach of Key’s understanding of the web.

I have spent tens of 1,000s of dollars for the “perfect” website and lead capture systems, with poor results. After attending a 4 hour Blog training session with Key, I posted 2 Blogs and was on page 1 of Google in position 1,2 4 and 6 and had 2 sellers contact me within 72 hours !!

After Keys 4 hour Web Strategy class I finally knew that all the self proclaimed experts in the field that I had paid big bucks to, were mostly versed in only one aspect of the web. Key’s knowledge of the WEB is the most comprehensive I have ever encountered and he clearly articulates his expertise in a manner that anyone can understand.

Key empowered my agents to ask WEB companies the critical questions to have a WEB site that truly produces results and can organically create quality leads without spending a fortune. He also frees the agents from being dependant on the WEB master that they are at the mercy of.

Any EXIT agent or broker, who thinks they know how the web works with respect to real estate, really needs to attend Key’s training. They will find out how much they actually never knew. If Key was able to put 5 North Carolina EXIT offices on page 1 of Google Just imagine what he can do for all of Exit as an International Franchise.

Brokers, owners and agents should not delay in scheduling Key.”

Brokers and Realtors Testimonials about Key Yessaad – Read personal testimonials from those who attended Key’s Training Sessions as well as their Brokers. I invite you to call them and request that they share their personal experiences and results.

Key Yessaad - Training in Charlotte NC 1/6/2009 - Real Estate Web Strategy

Key Training in Beaufort SC 12/11/2008

Key Training in Beaufort South Carolina at the Invitation of Greg Bennett of Exit Realty of Beaufort



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  1. I have trained many people myself. I have found that it take a certain kind of person to be a top producing real estate agent. If they have the get up and go, some of the personality attributes, things can really happen.

    • I could not agree more… a Real Estate Career is very grueling and demanding and the last couple of years have tested the mettle of the true professionals… Mental preparednes is the most important aspect of Real Estate!!! Thanks for the comment!!!

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