Real Estate Web Strategy

Web Strategy for Real Estate Professionals

Going beyond the Jargon and into a Successful Real Estate Internet Strategy

Whether you plan to get a website, have a website, or feel overwhelmed with the whole endeavor – this class is for you… many of you have stagnant strategies that are not producing results… so what to do? I designed this course to go beyond the mere discussion of need to the design of a Real Estate Web Strategy that drives traffic and results. You will leave empowered and with a plan of action and a full-understanding of what is currently happening in the realm of Real Estate Websites.

Real Estate Web StrategyI am Vendor-Agnostic and will share with you what I have seen work; I will show you what to demand from your vendor and will help you make the right decision. It is not the Vendor that matters; it is your habits and discipline I am going to focus on…

This course was designed to enhance the ability of Real Estate Professionals to compete in an ever increasing spirited Internet Landscape…

Topic: “I don’t have a Web Strategy – How do I get started?” Class.

This Class will center on the reasons why you should get a website and a plan of action to get it rolling. Bring your assistant, your web guru, your cousin Vinnie who dabbles in websites – they will learn how to help you focus on the most important part about having a website. Realtor Websites are of a different nature than regular ones – I will explain all this in the class…

I will cover the following topics in this class:

  1. Should I get a website? and why?
  2. How do I select a best Web Services Company? What are the important tools of a Real Estate Website?
  3. Domain Names: How do I get one?
    Where and How much?
    Can I get more than one?
    How do I hook them up together? Etc… 
  4. How do I get started?
    Will I be able to understand the Web jargon?
  5. How expensive is it going to be? (I will show you how to get started for FREE!)
  6. How much work will I have to put in? Is it worth the effort?
  7. What is IDX? And do I need it?
    Shouldn’t I just use my MLS IDX?
    How is that different than Sticky IDX?
  8. How often should I work on my website?
  9. How about Blogging? Is it important?
  10. How can my Assistant help me grow my website?
  11. What are Pay-per-clicks?
    Do they Work and generate leads?
    How much should I spend to get the most leads?
  12. I will have time for all your questions… Remember: bringing your tech guy/gal to this class will help you and will focus him/her on your Real Estate Web needs…

I tell your Broker/Owner that I promise not to waste your Realtors’ time and will arm them with information they need to compete online…

Training Duration: 4 hours is best for this material to be absorbed… This training takes on 2 hours of course-work but the additional 2 hours are necessary for agents’ questions and comfort level! It is about empowering Real Estate Agents to immerse themselves in this realm…

Greg Bennett - Exit Realty Beaufort SCEmail from Greg Bennett at Exit Realty Beaufort SC to Regional Owner: “Incredible, barely describes the level of expertise of Key Yessaad.
  I have personally met with web designers, programmers, IT gurus, etc. Their combined knowledge doesn’t even equal the holistic approach of Key’s understanding of the web.
  I have spent tens of 1,000s of dollars for the “perfect” website and lead capture systems, with poor results.
After attending a 4 hour Blog training session with Key, I posted 2 Blogs and was on page 1 of Google in position 1,2 4 and 6 and had 2 sellers contact me within 72 hours !!
After Keys 4 hour Web Strategy class I finally knew that all the self proclaimed experts in the field that I had paid big bucks to, were mostly versed in only one aspect of the web. Key’s knowledge of the WEB is the most comprehensive I have ever encountered and he clearly articulates his expertise in a manner that anyone can understand.
  Key empowered my agents to ask WEB companies the critical questions to have a WEB site that truly produces results and can organically create quality leads without spending a fortune. He also frees the agents from being dependant on the WEB master that they are at the mercy of.
  Any EXIT agent or broker, who thinks they know how the web works with respect to real estate, really needs to attend Key’s training. They will find out how much they actually never knew. If Key was able to put 5 North Carolina EXIT offices on page 1 of Google Just imagine what he can do for all of Exit as an International Franchise.
  Brokers, owners and agents should not delay in scheduling Key.”

I hope this helps… as always feel free to call me to discuss the particulars of the classes…

Real Estate Web Strategy

Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer About the Author: Key YessaadReal Estate Web Trainer. To train, inspire, and help Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy, Consulting, and Systems Implementation… Inquire about the various Training Classes and Seminars by contacting Key at (910) 538-6610.

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