Real Estate Web Trainer Testimonials from Brokers and Realtors who attended Key Yessaad Trainings

Greg Bennett - Exit Realty Beaufort SCEmail from Greg Bennett at Exit Realty Beaufort SC to Regional Owner: Incredible, barely describes the level of expertise of Key Yessaad.
  I have personally met with web designers, programmers, IT gurus, etc. Their combined knowledge doesn’t even equal the holistic approach of Key’s understanding of the web.
  I have spent tens of 1,000s of dollars for the “perfect” website and lead capture systems, with poor results. After attending a 4 hour Blog training session with Key, I posted 2 Blogs and was on page 1 of Google in position 1,2 4 and 6 and had 2 sellers contact me within 72 hours !!
  After Keys 4 hour Web Strategy class I finally knew that all the self proclaimed experts in the field that I had paid big bucks to, were mostly versed in only one aspect of the web. Key’s knowledge of the WEB is the most comprehensive I have ever encountered and he clearly articulates his expertise in a manner that anyone can understand.
  Key empowered my agents to ask WEB companies the critical questions to have a WEB site that truly produces results and can organically create quality leads without spending a fortune. He also frees the agents from being dependant on the WEB master that they are at the mercy of.
  Any EXIT agent or broker, who thinks they know how the web works with respect to real estate, really needs to attend Key’s training. They will find out how much they actually never knew. If Key was able to put 5 North Carolina EXIT offices on page 1 of Google Just imagine what he can do for all of Exit as an International Franchise.
  Brokers, owners and agents should not delay in scheduling Key.”

Paul Hockaday - Exit Coast Wilmington NCPaul Hockaday – 12/24/2008 – Blog Post

“Key, Thank you for being so awesome. You are truly a MasterMind. I will be contacting you soon as my website desperately needs your expertise. Thank you for opening my web eyes. Happy Holidays.”


 David Thompson - Exit Realty Beaufort SCDavid Thompson – 12/12/2008 – email
Attended Real Estate Web Strategy 12/11/2008 in Beaufort SC

Thank you for traveling to our office to share your expertise with us. I will definately provide you with answers to your bullets in your email.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and deep rooted willingness to help us succeed! I have adopted the term “I will out work you!” into my daily actions. Thank you for the motivation and I wish you success as you continue to share these concepts with others. You are making a difference.

Janice Baker - Exit Realty Beaufort SCJanice Baker – 12/12/2008 – email
Attended Real Estate Web Strategy 12/11/2008 in Beaufort SC

I truly enjoyed your class yesterday. I must say, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the details, but I find your hand-out a great deal of help when trying to do things on my own. I think your training would be a great asset to all real estate professionals. You just have to jump in and do it. I really feel empowered to take control of own website.

 Jay Tracey - Exit Realty The Tracey GroupJay Tracey – 11/16/2008 – email
Attended Real Estate Web Strategy 11/15/2008 in Charleston SC

As Broker-in-Charge and Owner of an Exit Realty franchise, I have had the opportunity to meet many trainers, coaches, and consultants over the last 10 years. None approach Keys unique ability. A quick look in the dictionary for the word ‘energy’ and you will find Keys bio attached. Keys presentations about Blogging, Website strategies, and click marketing are absolutely eye opening. You can’t help but be 100% involved as Key brings his incredible knowledge and unprecedented enthusiasm to all of his presentations. Any Corporation would be lucky to land this rising star. Thanks Key, for all you have done for us.

  Teresa Cooper - Exit Realty CharlestonTeresa Cooper – 11/16/2008 – email
Attended Real Estate Web Strategy 11/15/2008 in Charleston SC

Thank you for the excellent training experience this Saturday.
Years ago, when I was a teenager, my aunt gave me a little yellow Corvair. But I didn’t know how to drive, so the car was totally useless to me. A couple of years ago, I got a Brand Name real estate website, and waited for leads to start coming my way. The only responses I got were from family and friends who checked it out, so I cancelled it. After completing your seminar, I understand what went wrong! I had a potentially great website, I just didn’t know “how to drive it!” Now, with the knowledge acquired frm your training, I’m ready to try it again, this time with a better understanding of the effort and committment it takes to build an effective webisite, and what it takes to make it work.

Gloria J May - Exit Realty CharlestonGloria J May – 11/1/2008 – email

Hi! Key,

I did it …I posted the blog that we worked on on condo.com, activerain, trulia,and Zolve and I linked it to the Isle of Palms listing on trulia.

I want you to know that I have taken many a real estate class and none compare to yours. It is not often that you find a speaker/trainer that one could listen to all day. You are that kind of speaker/trainer. I gauge a class on how I feel after the class. If I feel that I have no clue why I took the class or I can’t remember one thing that was said..then I have wasted my time and money. With your class I left hungry for more, energized, eager to get going on what I have learned and tired…..not bored tired but my mind could not stop thinking about what to blog first, how I am going to get to be on the first page of goole, etc. A good mind binding tired. Thank you so much and I can’t wait for next weeks class. Thank you always,

Gloria J May, Realtor
EXIT Realty Charleston Group
613 Long Point Road
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Ann Marconi - Exit Realty CharlestonAnn Marconi – 10/29/2008 – email

Hi Key,

The response from you class on Sat. was impressive. Very rarely do I have so many agents coming up to me to thank us for putting a class together for them. I am told that you are coming back on Nov. 15 for another class. Can you please send me something about it so I can start pushing the agents to sign up? Let me know if you need a testimonial to give to other offices. 

Ann Marconi
Broker / Owner
Exit Realty Charleston Group
613 Long Point Rd.
Charleston, SC 29464
843-849-7778 – office

Rita Gatgounis - Exit Realty Tracey GroupRita Gatgounis – 10/26/2008 – email

Hi Key!

I learned SO much on Saturday in your class. I can’t wait until the next one!

My contact info is below 🙂

Have a great Monday,

Rita Gatgounis 
Real Estate Professional
Exit Realty the Tracey Group
Direct Line: 843.270.4527
105 West Huron
Folly Beach, SC 29439

Andy Ackerman - Exity Realty CharlestonAndy Ackerman – 10/29/2008 – email

Key, Matt is working his “ars*” off. I’ve been coaching him weekly and he is hustling. We have been working on finding niche for him and this is it. He is really into it.

Thanks so much! 

Andy Ackerman
EXIT Realty Charleston Group
Cell: 843-343-2749

Testimonials from Agents who attended Real Estate Datatabse Strategy in August 2008:

“Key, – I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not joining Exit straight out of real estate school. All of the money that I did not have but managed to scrap up seems wasted now because I hung my license with a company that “Just Didn’t Get It”. I have to chalk it up as a life lesson and move on. Hey, would it be horrible for me to install Outlook 2003 on my new laptop? Thank you soooooo much for all of your advice.
Paul Hockaday – Wilmington Office

“Key, – First of all, you are a wonderful teacher–when I said that I came to be entertained, I meant it, but I also always learn plenty in your classes too. (There is definitely a correlation between your high energy level and how it makes your students want to pay attention).

I think for me, I LOVE to be organized and up until now have been managing my Outlook Express as well as my Contacts in Rappatoni. What I realize from your class is that (with Outlook) I can integrate the two and become more effective and efficient in managing my database in one location.

Thanks so much for all of the hard work and dedication that you provide to Exit so that all of us can prosper! I would be hard-pressed to find that at any other workplace.
Grace Hodgkins – Wilmington NC Office

“Key – as mentioned verbally – you’ve been instrumental in helping me out of a “contact database nightmare” – it all makes sense now – I’m enjoying my new Outlook 2007 and thrilled I will have one – and only one – database instead of 4 or 5 – Oh my goodness – streamlining at its best! Or, in your words, Zen at its best! Thanks again.
Karla Palmer – Hampstead NC Office

“Key- Another very rewarding class. For myself I just need to get over the technology anxiety and have fun with it. When I come to these classes it does overwhelm me but my goal is to not learn everything but to learn something and move on to the next challenge. I will begin implementing in small steps primarily getting all the contacts I have into the system and using the Task and Calendar options. Thanks Again Key!
Sean Skutnik – Wilmington NC Office

“Hello, – As you know, I always get something out of your classes.. even though I took this exact same class before, I learned a few new tricks.. Who knows, maybe I will get organized one of these days.. I am on my way thanks to you.
Isabel Becker – Wilmington NC Office

“Loved it Key. I think it will be a great tool for my lack of organization, and help me keep/stay in contact with ‘clients’… Kathy Long – Hampstead NC Office

“Key, – Thank you for teaching this class and sharing all the valuable information to us.that you shared with us was great. I want to practice and put this to good use in making my Database be a winner. Thanks,
Gloria Baker – Hampstead NC Office


  1. As you know, I always get something out of your classes.. even though I took this exact same class before, I learned a few new tricks.. Who knows, maybe I will get organized one of these days.. I am on my way thanks to you.

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